Saturday, November 27, 2010

Welcome to Our Blog "Living On Miracles"

Are you living on miracles? If so, you’re “living on love” as we say about people who are high on the thrill of a new relationship. But to live on miracles you don’t need a new relationship. You just need a growing, trusting relationship between you and the Divine. (Whether you call that source “God,” “Higher Power, “Spirit” or any other name.) We believe that what people call “miracles” are really an expression of our alignment with Spirit—a living romance unlike any other.

My daughter, Maridel Bowes, and I have just published a book about my spiritual transformation. It’s entitled, “Houses of My Consciousness – Waking From Religion to Spirit,” and is the story of my passage from a strict, rule-bound religion to a spiritual experience of vitality and joy! It’s filled with a lifetime of miracles and in fact, the book itself is a miracle. When you set out to write a great read at the age of 88, you need a few of those to pull it off! So in these first few blogs, we want to share with you some of the miracles that made this book possible. Let’s start with…

The Miracle of Inspiration. The first miracle involves a total stranger. I met her when I was 87 and had concluded that the sun had set on sharing my passion of spiritual growth with women. I had held many seminars and workshops over the years and had taught lots of classes. I had even written a book about my life to give my family on my eightieth birthday. Still I felt such longing to leave a larger legacy of the miraculous transformation I had experienced—but no idea how to go about it. At some level I believed it was too late.

Then on a vacation, I met a young woman on who, after meeting me said, "You have the light of God in your eyes. Have you told your story?" I was stunned.  How did she know I even had a story?  After hearing a synopsis of it, she urged me from her heart to tell it. As if her passion had reconnected the loose wire of mine, I knew I must do it! Isn’t inspiration miraculous? It’s like getting a spiritual transfusion.

You will be able to read all about this “divine appointment” in my book, but for now, I just wanted to share with you the miracle of inspiration. It opened a whole new world to me! Remembering that inspiration is literally an experience of being “in spirit,” we need to receive it as a miracle and then follow where it leads for there are few things as powerful as “in spirit” action!

Who or what was your most recent source of inspiration?

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Addie and Maridel


  1. Initially when my mother-in-law announced she was going to write this book, I was skeptical it might be a 'tell all' book. However, as I was helping with editing and was searching for specific stories in the book for her, I found it gripping to read. Maridel has a writing style that was riviting and Addie's stories of her spiritual journey both made me laugh and cry. I found Addie transparient both emotionally as well as spiritually. She offers encouragement for any person to search for freedom to be true to yourself. Her "heart" is especially toward pastor's wives who may feel isolated or trapped in their role. She would love to respond to anyone who will contact her.

  2. Addie and Maridel are both ladies whose insight and wisdom have touched my life in profound ways at various points throughout my journey, but I must say that when I read the last page of "Houses of My Consciousness" and closed the book, something rather unexpected happened. From a place deep within my spirit, tears began to flow and I cried for some time. You see, Addie's story is the story of many of us that have been raised in a traditional church, struggling to know and understand a God that has been often disguised and veiled by an overlay of human interpretation and misrepresentation. Addie's journey to truly know God in His purity, love, and acceptance is one that I not only found insightful and beautiful, but one that mirrored my own journey to know His grace and experience true holiness and worship in just knowing him.
    If you have not yet read this book, you're in for a treat! It may surprise you, but certainly it will leave you better for the experience. Addie has been a mentor of mine for many years, and once again, she is shedding a light on our journey to opening our hearts to always greater understanding and love.

    Jeannie Keneley

  3. Thanks so much, Jeannie. We appreciate you taking the time to share your personal experience with the book. It means a lot to us.
    May we post an excerpt on FB? Please let us know.